XRP Relisted on Major Canadian Exchange BitBuy – Ready to Rally?

• BitBuy, a major Canadian exchange, has reinstated XRP trading without any public announcement.
• XRP’s current market value currently stands at $0.47 and is attempting to break the 20-day EMA of $0.48.
• If successful, XRP could garner momentum and reach up to $0.58; however, if not, it could test the strong support level at $0.5.

Ripple News: XRP Relisted On Prominent Canadian Exchange BitBuy

BitBuy, one of Canada’s leading trading platforms, recently made the move to reinstate XRP trading on their platform with no official announcement accompanying it.

XRP Market Standing

At press time, XRP’s value stands at $0.47 and is attempting to break the 20-day EMA of $0.48 but is being met with resistance from bearish investors.

If successful in breaking through this resistance, XRP could potentially gain momentum and push its value up to $0.55 or even higher up to $0.58.

However if unsuccessful in breaking through this resistance level then it could find itself testing the strong support at its previously established level of around $0.50.

Previous Delisting Of XRP

It was two years ago that BitBuy first decided to drop XRP off of their platform which came with an official announcement from them.

The Re-Entry Of Ripple’s Currency


It was only when Mason Versluis took to Twitter that people became aware of Ripple’s currency being relisted on BitBuy’s mobile app with all features restored.

< h2 > Anticipation Over Resolution Of Legal Dispute Between Ripple And SEC

< p > This move marks the second instance of a previously delisted XRP being reinstated as anticipation continues to mount over the resolution between Ripple and US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).